rolling around in the green grass........ giggling (itsinmytears) wrote,
rolling around in the green grass........ giggling

i'm tired of putting up with zachs...dumb shit..i'm sorry to say...i don't like my madness either. I HAVE THE RIGHTS TO BE MAD. HE THINKS THAT IM NOT SUPPOSE TO BE MAD. ITS HIS LOSS NOT MINE. HOW THE HELL ARENT WE SUPPOSE TO KNOW IF WE ARE STILL GOING OUT? "I DONT KNOW I DONT KNOW IF WE ARE STILL GOING OUT"-ZACH "I HEARD YOU ALREADY!!"-ZACH "I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY...EVEN THOUGH YOU HEARD ME"-LINZY "WHY DON'T I CALL YOU BACK"-ZACH fuck never called me back ever. I ALWAYS FORGIVE HIM...AND I DONT GET FORGIVENESS BACK. WHY AM I WASTING MY TIME??? WITH AN ASSHOLE...WHO DONT APPRECIATE WHAT I HAVE DONE...TO MY FULLEST TO..BE WITH HIM? .I HATE IT...I'M SICK..I'M TIRED. I'M NOT SAD...ON THE OUTSIDE...BECAUSE IM PREPARED. MY FEELINGS ARE JUST PISSED OFF IN A AGRESSIVE, VIOLENT WAY. I WANNA PUNCH A WALL...i LOVE HIM..SO MUCH...BUT..HIS ACTIONS JUST OFFENDS ME. SO I JUST PULL BACK. Sometimes i look in the mirror and think theres something wrong with me and i break up and cry, like today. It happened like 3 times. I'm so fat... i have maximum lovehandles...and a fat spare tire. YOU can have it. LOL. i'm going to go to bed now and...wake up early and ran like i never ran before. SEE YA
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