rolling around in the green grass........ giggling (itsinmytears) wrote,
rolling around in the green grass........ giggling

life at school

Seriously, this is not what i thought would happen. Things at jackson is different, since i have started here. Everyone is like.....GONE...disappeared. I have plenty of friends to say hi and bye. A few, don't really have an interest of talking to me. Which makes me angry is when they don't even listen to me. I feel disrespected. I hang out with Tim in the morning and MOSTLY JENNA...then the nerds(who are wanting to get in havard). I guess....its better than being with people with no point in life. At least, they got a point to elaborate in life. I met lots of new students. They all have the same problems with me at jackson. How they don't fit in. But definitely love all my classes and my teachers. Usually when i'm walking in the hallway i always see zach, everywhere i go...and to piss me off...he puts his arms around this girl. I'm not sure if they are officially going out. SEEMS LIKE HE HAS NO FRIENDS...except jerill and that girl. *LMAO* WELL FROM NOW ON...I THINK IM GOING TO BE A SMARTY PANTS
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