rolling around in the green grass........ giggling (itsinmytears) wrote,
rolling around in the green grass........ giggling

headaching news

I can't believe i acutally had the guts to ditch the guy i'm going to homecoming with and go with another guy. I feel so bad. Today everyone told me that i was rude and cold. I know that it is wrong but i didn't really wanted to go with him in the first place. Till some other guy that i really adore, asked me. This is my fault and i know it is. Everyone is TALKING SHIT ABOUT ME. SCOTT WONT SHUT HIS MOUTH. GOES TO EVERY PERSON HE SEES AND TALK SHIT ABOUT ME. PEOPLE THAT ARE TALKING SHIT ABOUT ME DONT EVEN HAVE A CLUE WHO I AM...AND I DONT HAVE A CLUE WHO THEY ARE only their names. I FEEL LIKE A WICKED WITCH. EVERYTIME I PASS Y HIM IN THE HALLWAYS HE NODS HIS HEAD LIKE I DID A BAD THING.
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