rolling around in the green grass........ giggling (itsinmytears) wrote,
rolling around in the green grass........ giggling


i'm so pissed about my friend...choosing her careless b.f over me. She loves him to death when he's an ass. She doesn't even have the guts to dump him, so i guess shes sticking to it. Seriously,she does anything if her b.f tells her to. I already made my final decision of not hanging out with my best friend if james is around. Everytime i would go over.....they are always fighting...and he wouldn't talk to her because he thinks its stupid that she is emotionally sad. Well i feel bad for my friend because shes falling deep into that hole. She also believes that HE LOVES HER. FORGET THAT. 27 more days till homecoming. I'm not exactly sure if i'm going to attend to homecoming. If i am, then still need to buy a dress..and some dress shoes. Also set up an appointment for my hair and nails.
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