rolling around in the green grass........ giggling (itsinmytears) wrote,
rolling around in the green grass........ giggling


after school i went over to my friend danielle's house and went straight to the mall. Danielle's mom gave us one hour to find on some dresses and i was in shocked. What? one hour insn't enough!!! thats whats saying inside me. As we walked, first store we hit was mariposa. Touching and feeling the silky dresses made me excited, except the part where i checked the tags and it was TOO OVER PRICED. I exited to the outside front and head on to The bon marche because i knew there were sales there. Picked out several dresses from some various selections, and most of the ones i tried on didn't look eye-catching. One white dress made me look hideous, which insn't the look i'm going for. The other was too tight..the zipper didnt go up. A purple sparkled dressed looked too loose in the front, made me look like a santa claus. Next stop was casual choice. Scaning through the racks for dresses made me dizzy because of the bright unusual colors most dresses were. I also tried on a couple of dresses there too. But still, nothing had cought my attention. Danielle's mom had an idea of going to jcpennys....and so we did....we walked and talked...blah...there was barely no dresses there except ugly ones. The ones that im looking for can't be too fancy......silky....shiny...bright....or anything....I just want to find something simple and elegant. Not too much. But then when i went to sears..WOW they had this pretty black dress with beaded straps that will go with my ruby beaded necklace. Danielle's mom loved it. She was our consulter. Well the first dressed i tried was VERY pretty. The second one was even better which is the ones with the beaded straps. I'm very proud of myself that i chose a dress that is affordable and formal looking. It makes me look smaller because of my hourglass figure. FINALLY !!!
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